Language Policy

The following are English language guidelines for submissions to JOMES:

  • American English or UK English are fine so long as there is consistency.
  • Please capitalize all words in headings including hyphenated words (e.g. Anti-Antagonist), except conjunctions (andorbutnoryetsofor), articles (aanthe), and all prepositions (including those of five letters or more) (intoofatbyupforoffonagainstbetweenamongunder). First and last words in the title are always capitalized.
  • Define abbreviations the first time they are mentioned in the abstract, text; also the first time they are mentioned in a table or figure.
  • Keywords are not capitalized.
  • All websites need to be referenced as does unpublished data or personal communications
  • Dates are written out in the full, April 20, 2004 (or 20 April, 2004) rather than 20.4.04
  • Write don't, can't... in full, i.e. do not, cannot
  • Numbers 1 to 9 are written in full, except if part of a measurement (6–8 mL) or in the experimental/materials/methods section
  • A sentence should not start with But or And (use however or find alternatives).